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Welcome to the IV suite, a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide the most advanced scientific techniques and treatments to radically improve your health, performance and wellbeing for fast and long lasting health.

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Better function of:
  • Muscle and nerve
  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • White blood cells


Hangover? Along with bad eating habits, your body’s response to stress could leave you feeling lousy for several days, way long after the party is over. Detoxify your body to aid in the process of removing toxins and rebalancing your system NATURALLY. Our DETOX package is formulated with a particular combination of key nutrients and vitamins to enhance your life. Take a look at the KEY ingredients:


consists of three amino-acids. Called the “master antioxidant” of the human body, Glutathione is crucial for detoxification in THE LIVER. It’s necessary for healthy immune function and defenses against free radicals.

  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Enhances the immune system


MAGNESIUM is required for the detoxification of cells. Its deficiency causes cells to lose the ability to retain normal mineral concentrations, resulting in toxic effects. It regulates the absorption of minerals depleted while dehydrated.

  • Regulates calcium and potassium
  • Supports the body’s antioxidant systems
  • Plays a major role in the production of energy


BICARBONATE directly improves cellular health by making tissues more alkaline and reverses the clinical manifestations of acidosis. It stabilizes your body’s pH and regulates your system’s fluids.

  • Prevents acidosis brought on by toxins
  • Helps restore the body from the effects of severe dehydration


SELENIUM is a trace mineral that acts as a toxin magnet with a very strong binding for toxic substances. This attraction allows selenium to mix with and neutralize reactions, efficiently and effectively flushing toxins from the body.

  • Helps detoxify the system from toxins
  • Binds to mercury, thereby eliminating it
  • Increases antioxidant capacity

Get a DETOX IV before heading to the club or an all-night party; feel fresh and be functional the morning after.